Some of our Progress made in 2021 are:

Donations for maintenance to Mrs.Kishwar Himayatullah have generously been given by:

  • Aabdara
  • Habiba
  • Mahvash
  • Zeenath
  • Zarmina
  • Mehr shah
  • Abdullah khan
  • Rweeda
  • Himayatullah
  • Kishwar Himayatullah

This has come to a cost of 240,000/for paint. We have used limestone (chuna) for the walls to disinfect and good quality paint on doors and windows….required 3 to 4 coats….repairs of steel cupboard, chairs, tops of tables that were chipped and chairs that were broken. Installing of 3 extra sinks in bathrooms, a water cooler. Relocating our lost and forgotten webpage is costing us Re. 30,000 by Wasif. Green earth has repaired the play ground in Re.35.000.

The Mason has restored the building by plaster and pedlo three feet all around the building and the boundary walls, where the bricks were visible, and boundary walls also needed extensive repairs….cracks in the ground where trees had grown and were removed, were filled in also at a cost of Re.40,000. Carpenter did the tables and chairs at a cost of about Re.9.500.

And Re.94,000 to the plumber for adding an extra sink for dish washing, an electric cooler for Re.30,000 installing sinks, pipes to connect and repair. 15,000 for welder repairs. Cloths from Aabdara and toys from Amin.

Thank you donors we could not have managed any of this without you. May your generosity be accepted by God in helping these very special children.