Information for Parents

Being mentally and physically challenged children is a permanent weakness. Its not curable like any other disease. Medicines can benefit to a limited extend but you must understand but he/she will never be like a normal child. Generally, it is advised not to waste your money on trying to cure something which is incurable.

The development of the mind will be slow and will not reach a maturity level. The ratio of abnormality is the same in both genders.

There are degrees of issues with these children some are unable to do their personal work such as eating dressing up etc. They might look different and can be physically disability while others look more or less normal like normal children. They never really reach a level of maturity.

All types of children are part of this world some are rich, some are poor, some are extra intelligent and handicapped children are part of it too. Parents are not to blame for having handicapped children. They are just part of the world. This situation has to be accepted with patience and dealt with accordingly. Sometimes reason for having a handicapped child are connected to before the baby is born it could be due to an accident or complications during delivery and high temperatures.

These children can never be normal but if timely help is sort the quality of life can be greatly improved and it is very important to analyze the problem because it can make a life changing difference to the child. Medication can be given for fits or sleeplessness. It is important for the parents to understand the problem.

How Helpful can you be to your child?

Love and support to your child is the very foundation for the child’s development. Not accepting will lead to disastrous developments in the child’s personality like hatred and anger. Regular attention makes the child feel wanted and brings out the best in him/her. A sense of equality has to be exercised with other siblings. Food and presents are an expression of love and must be given equally. It is very important to convey to a child as well as others that you not ashamed of your child.

Learning is slow and patience is an important part of the parent’s life. Pitying the child and catering to all the demands is not a good option this will results in damage to the child and the family. Keeping consistent rules and regulations on how to deal with a child is very important this will bring stability and rules will be clear for the concerned child.

Be careful that your child does not have tantrums or cling on to people just like you would expect from a normal child. Checking and distracting is a good way of dealing with such situations. Meal time can be usefully utilized by teaching new words and table manners.

Being part of normal and healthy environment helps them to learn. Being interactive prevents the child from feeling secluded and at the receiving end. Keeping them connected to the outside world like morning walks helps learning.

It is important for these children to be doing work themselves. Parents stopping them from doing so are a hindrance in their development. Easy chores can become lengthy and difficult to achieve but exercising patience and allowing the child to do it is important. And encouraging the child after having done. Let the child dress himself/herself up and eat with assistance eventually he/she will be able to do it himself/herself.

Encouragement in what he enjoys. Never do baby talk and keep him occupied and not idol. He should be part of family occasions and shopping.

The childs demands  of 24/7  care and attention can become quite difficult for a family. Mothers have no freedom to move but taking turns to look after the child give respite to each family member. It is important to remember your attitude defines his/her life. So be careful that siblings don’t mistreat or spoil the child. Take turns in caring for the child.

2% of the world population is abnormal, these children will always be dependent try to encourage them to be independent a minor job is very encouraging.

Regular checkups for timely assistance.

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