We are extremely grateful to our donors who has keep on helping us despite the Pandemic as well.

Donations for maintenance to Mrs.Kishwar Himayatullah have generously been given by:

  • Aabdara
  • Habiba
  • Mahvash
  • Zeenath
  • Zarmina
  • Mehr shah
  • Abdullah khan
  • Rweeda
  • Himayatullah
  • Kishwar Himayatullah

Thank you donors we could not have managed any of this without you. May your generosity be accepted by God in helping these very special children.

Needless to say we are extremely grateful to all our donors for keeping us financially viable.

1. Askari Bank
2. Mrs Gohar S Khan
3. Ms. Shandana Khan
4. Mrs. Mohabbat Khan
5. Mr Haroon Khan
6. Mr Lal Shah
7. Mrs Azizullah Khan
8. Provincial Councel for Rehabilitation Disable Person (PCRDF)
9. Dr MP Qazi + Qazi Naeemullah
10. Askari Bank
11. Farooq Ayub Khan
12. Akbar Ayub Khan
13. Hasan Ayub Khan
14. Qamar Zaman
15. Amina Humayun
16. Dr Zia ur Rehman (Australlia)
17. Dr Humaira Khattak
18. Qazi Naeem ullah
19. Mrs. Samar Qazi
20. Mr. Dr. Nasir Khan (Australlia)
21. Mrs. Dr Feroza Qazi (Australlia)
22. Mr Asad Khan
23. Mr Ibrahim Khan
24. Mr Jamal Khan
25. Mr Zia ur Rehman
26. Mr. Dr. Hamayun Khan
27. Mrs. Zari
28. Mrs. Qazi Inamullah
29. Mrs. Dr Feroza Qazi