Jamal Khan Hoti

Mr Jamal Khan Hoti who is land owner belonging to the famous Hoti family is the president of PAMH and he is keenly interested in the work of the association and never misses an opportunity to be personally involved in all activities of the association.

General Secretary

Dr Qazi Hamidullah

Dr Qazi Hamidullah General Secretary of the association with particular interest in training and welfare of persons with special needs, especially mental sub normality. Dr Qazi Hamidullah is a qualified medical graduate with a vast medical experience of over 45 years in Pakistan and UK. His only son aged 40 years with cerebral palsy is mentally and physically severely affected and requires special attention is the driving force behind his parents interest in the field. Dr Hamidullah Qazi’s perseverance and hard work is now the school you see today.

Publicity Secretary

Abdul Shakoor

Abdul Shakoor, administrator, artist, teacher experience over 10 years with special children. Shakoor is the “Jack of All Trades” reliable person to fall back on for all kind of help and advice. You can reach our to him on 0310-8284734

Staff with General Secretary

1. Abdul Shakoor, administrator, artist, teacher experience over 10 years with special children.
2. Miss Najma Ihsan employed last year is excellent with the children. She has several years of working experience working with normal children in normal schools. She is a great asset to our staff.

Keen Social Workers

Executive Committee

Other Members of the executive committee, keen social workers are:

  • Mr Asad Khan – Vice President – 0345 9330123
  • Mr. Haji Shamshad Ahmad – Joint Secretary – 0300 5710126
  • Mr. Ikram Khan Khattak – Treasurer – 0356 9247717
  • Mr. Muhammad Ibraheem Khan – Member 
  • Mrs. Dr. Humaira Khattak – Member
  • Mrs. Kishwar Himayatullah Khan – Member

Dr Farida Qazi Memorial School for Special People has the facility of 11 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 dormitories 1 each for boys and girls yet to be completed. Warden’s flat, dinning rooms, 6 classrooms first floor and ground floors, guard’s quarters, septic tank, water supply and a generator (runs on petrol) at times of load shedding.

The playground is a contribution “Babojan” of Zaminabad (Mrs Saadullah Khan) with her grand children and children.

The walls have been painted with compliments of Mahjabeen Qazi to brighten the classrooms.

A satisfactory auditor’s report of Usman Azeem & Co. shows how particular FAMH is with accounts dated 18th August 2015.

At present we have 42 students mainly from Mardan and just 3 teachers.


This compact group of administrators and staff has devised the following programme for the school:
8:00 am to 2:00 pm daily except Sundays are working hours.
On arrival all children visit the washroom besides attending to other needs the use of tooth brush, soap and water, full hygiene is attended to.

  • Clean and fresh the children attend a Prayer session.
  • Flag hoisting and patriotic songs come next.
  • Class room session now begins.
  • Cleanliness is maintained throughout.
  • Attention, Training and stress on paying attention to the job in hand.
  • Behavior teaching proper behavior in company i-e sit still.
  • No fidgeting.
  • Cleanliness is maintained throughout.
  • Physical good behavior-smile laugh etc with the help of drawing jig saw puzzles study of colors, reading, writing, maths, music, dance, feeding, break time, a happy hour, prayer before eating, drinking, washing afterwards, visiting washroom.


The school provides “pick and drop” facilities for all the pupils. These children are accompanied by the staff members until everyone enters his or her door-step being special children they require, more supervision than ordinary normal children. The school keeps a Toyota hiace van in excellent condition for the purpose. The smallest repairs, in this van are given immediate attention to prevent any mishap. Special care is exercised in case of any traffic or safety problems. Beside this the school has a Suzuki carry van this vehicle is more than twenty years old hence it is subject to frequent breakdowns and repairs, however it is in good running order, and is exteremly useful for shopping, emergency cover and other purposes.
Due to joint efforts of all concerned the school is running efficiently and is a reliable institution.