FAMH is working for the welfare of mentally handicapped and multiple handicapped children since 1981.

Other members were: Margaret Clough, Sajjad Ashraf & Ghulam Murtaza.

The account of association was opened at United Bank Limited Bank Road Mardan.

First meeting of the association held at premier sugar mills on 09-04-1981. Constitution of the association was adopted. First executive committee was elected;

– President Begum Zari Sarfaraz
– Vice President Abdul Qadir Khattak.
– General Secretary Qazi Hamidullah.
– Joint Secretary Judith Randall.
– Treasurer M.A Siddiqui.
– Publicity Secretary Samia Majeed.


01-06-1982: Opening Ceremony of the school was performed by Lt. Gen Fazal e Haq, Governor of N.W.F.P  who made the following donations:

  1. Cash donation of Rs. One Lac
  2. Rs 60,000 for purchase of a Suzuki van for pick and drop facilities.
  3. A three kanal plot, free of cost at Sheikh Maltoon for the future school building.

At present, the school was accommodated at the clinic of the General Secretary with free utility bills.

The plot was cancelled by Mardan Development Authority after the death of Lt. Gen Fazal e Haq by the hands of an assassin.

Mardan School for Mentally Disabled Children, Mangal Bagh Mardan came into being through the joint endeavor and struggle of the ‘Frontier Association for the Mentally Disabled, Mardan’ and Judith Randall, a spokesman for the ‘Church of Pakistan’.

It started on the 5th of May, 1981 and was inaugurated on the 7th of December of the same year by the former governor of the Frontier Province (N.W.F.P), Lieutenant General Fazle Haq. The school ran for 5 years straight till December 1986. It started with 11 students and gradually the count increased.

On 21-07-1999 a plot measuring three kanals was purchased from Mardan Development Authoruty at the cost of Rs 4.5 Lacs. This amount was paid in cash to M.D.A as under:

  1. Rs 3 Lac donated by Begum Zari Sarfaraz.
  2. 1.5 Lacs from the association’s own source.

10-03-2004 Boundary wall built around the plot.
20-01-2007 Toyota Hiace Van was purchased for the school.
27-04-2008 Begum Zari Sarfaraz Died.
30-10-2008 According to constitution of the association (Page 3, no 10C  para 1, line 3) , Mr Jamal Khan Hoti was appointed as president.

General Secretary of the ‘Frontier Association for the Mentally Disabled’, Dr. Hameedullah Qazi gifted the building for the school. Furniture and equipment was supplied by Judith Randall with the help of the ‘Church of Pakistan’. Lieutenant General Fazle Haq also provided a school van.

Staff included teachers, maids and a driver for the school van. Three therapists worked with the students on a regular basis for their respective requirements. The school staff was trained by the Mental Health Centre of the Mission Hospital, Peshawar.

The school had complete preparation and arrangement for physiotherapy, with the therapist trained by Dr. Farhat Rasheed from the Mission Hospital, Peshawar. The physiotherapist helped students from the school as well as children from the outside.

The speech therapist worked with all students, each with their varying requirements and needs.

The vocational therapists helped students with creative activities and crafts to build up skills. This allowed the students to stand on their own feet in the future rather than being a burden on anyone.

The Mardan School for Mentally Disabled Children taught students to accomplish various tasks, such as; learning how to eat, clothe themselves, use the bathroom, wash up their face and hands, cook certain food, weave chairs, recognize certain items and lastly the most important, to read and write. This was done to create credence and confidence of the students in themselves, to fulfill their basic necessities, communicate and socialize with other people in society and be able to support themselves.

In five years the school was able to qualify a handful of mentally challenged students for enrollment in a regular school. They successfully got admission and continued in an appeasing and satisfactory environment despite taking longer than regular students to learn and understand.

On 7th December, 1986 a party was arranged to celebrate the schools 5th anniversary. Various games and activities for the students included musical chairs, passing the parcel, eating competitions, target hitting, races and many more. Everyone participated with great interest and zest. Sweets were distributed amongst the children and everyone prayed for the continued success and prosperity of the school.

Plans for the future were confirmed when Lieutenant General Fazle Haq gifted a 3 kanal plot in Sheikh Maltoon Township, Mardan, to build a bigger and better school for mentally disabled children. Updated technologies and a new research were envisioned for the future where children could learn in a brighter, more optimistic and continually strive to work for their betterment.

Change of the name of the association to association for special children was suggested.

Registration with the department of social welfare, government of N.W.F.P:

  • Application dated 2/5/81
  • Registration certificate was issued as DSW/96 of 2/6/81 under the voluntary social welfare agencies (registration and control) ordinance 1961 (XLV) of 1961.